Israel ATV & JEEP Day tours



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Level: Extreme!
Ages: 2 and up
Duration: 2 Days
Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
Location: Yehuda mountains - Yehuda desert, Jeruslem
Route: Mar Saba, Herodion, Masada, Dragot pillars, the Cliff of Faults, Nebi Musa, Tel Azeka, Ella Valley and more...
Meals: Lunch on the first day- pastrami ,tuna and salmon sandwiches, with salads, drinking and pickles. Dinner on the first day- kosher meat meal at Matzuki Dargot. Second day breakfast- Dairy meal at Matzuki Dargot. Lunch on the second day- barbecue Meal, salads, pita, pickles and drinking.
Availability: Sunday – Friday
Start Times: 7:30 a.m.


2-Day Tour
2/4 Seat Can-Am X3 ATV
Accommodation in Bedouin tents
Including meals
Professional Guide leading you in his own machine.
Up to 50 Riders
Ice Water
Light Snacks
Camping in a tent overlooking the Dead Sea ( Dragot's Cliffs ) (We provide bedding + mattress.)

2-day reiser trips – from the Judean mountains to the Judean desert, self-field and challenging driving routes with the most advanced tools in the market – the Mavrik, all-terrain fast and stable open vehicles with four seats, and 4 separate racks.

We will leave the mountains of Jerusalem to the vast expanses of nature.
Through the hills, the forests, the dunes and deserts.
We will cross ponds, canals, waterways and muddy roads.
We will dabble in magical pools, spectacular streams and breathtaking views.
We will stop for a tea break and a luxurious Bedouin meal.
We will hear piquant stories and walk along the paths in which all those you read about in books have walked.

At night we will sit around the fire in the moonlight and sleep in Bedouin tents on the picturesque cliffs of the Dead Sea.
We will arrive to historical and holy sites such as Mar Saba, Herodion, Dragot pillars, the Cliff of Faults, Nebi Musa, Tel Azeka, Ella Valley and more...

You will never forget this experience.
The tours are fit for children and adults, without any compromising on safety: a steel-frame passenger compartment, safety belt for each passenger and armed instructors, graduates of combat service.

During the tour it is essential to follow our guide’s instructions and recommendations.
This is a 2-day tour. It begins around 8 a.m. and ends Day after as 7-8 p.m.

Book Now! +972-54-5280200

All the tours leaves from our place on Moshav Mevo Beitar, Jeruslaem, Israel. Only 15-20 minutes away from most hotels in and around Jerusalem area.

Please arrive promptly 30 minutes before your ride’s start time to check in. Detailed directions will be included in your confirmation email.

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